About Yorini.com

Yorini.com sell a wide range of computer IT hardware products based in Kuching. We serve the end user, small medium office, as well as large corporations especially in terms of supply security surveillance system such as high definition CCTV and Network server unit. Among other hardware supplies by Yorini.com are as follows.


We sell high definition with night vision capability CCTV units as well as accessories such as long cables, BNC connectors, recorders, etc

Network Servers

High tech network servers for small and medium office use


Factory modified CISS printers EPSON - highly economical printing that could save up to 90% on ink. Apart from that, it produces high-quality photo suitable for home, office, business printing services. Another brand including Canon, HP.

Desktops & Laptops

We also sell desktop and laptop computer units as well as peripherals such power supply, hard disk, SSD, RAM, SATA cables, flash drive


High lumens projectors from (EPSON, Acer) - Projector screen stand, projector screen size-dimension (small, medium, large), projector overhead mount